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Complicated deliveries going to a hospital in Canada

A shipper had complicated deliveries going to a hospital in Canada. The nature of the delivery entailed excessive hours to unload. In addition, unloading could only be done at certain hours. Initially the client was prepared to pay detention time after 2 hours on the delivery to insure that the unload needs of their customer, the hospital, were met.

They came to Tech Transport explaining that even though they were willing to pay detention time, they could not locate a Canadian carrier willing to sit with the freight until it delivered. After delving into our large carrier base we were able to solve our customer’s problem. Our brokerage was able to locate a Canadian carrier who was in the US often enough, to make the pickups. We worked out a drop trailer at the consignee whereby the trailer would sit at the hospital for 24 hours, giving the hospital plenty of time to unload their freight. Once the trailer was unloaded, another full trailer was brought in and dropped. The end result was on time pickup and more importantly, a cost effective delivery solution versus paying costly hourly detention to meet the customer’s needs.