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Erin and Alby Blais are two of the nicest people you will meet.  They are always willing to help anyone at a moment’s notice and now they need our help.  Two weeks ago Alby was taken to the emergency room where he was told he had a mass in his chest.  He was transported to Mass General and diagnosed with Gray Zone Lymphoma.  This is a rare cancer that falls under both Hodgkin and Non Hodgkins Large B Cell Lymphoma.  The treatment is intense.  Five days inpatient chemotherapy; home for about two weeks; then back for another 5 days of treatment.  This will be the schedule for the next 4 and half months.  Of course during this time Alby will not be working and although they do have health insurance they will have other expenses while still maintaining their regular monthly bills.  One of their concerns is the deductible on their health coverage.   The insurance renews at the beginning of the year.  This means once they get through with this year’s deductible – they will have to start it again in January 2020.  Never mind the fact the holidays are coming  for three young children.  It would be great if we could ease their burden at little bit.  Please consider helping this family.  No amount is too small.   If you know either one of them then you know they will be so appreciative.  And please feel free to share to help spread the word.  Thanks so much!!

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