Submitted by Adele Marchetti on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 22:18

Thank you Tech Transport for helping make a local family’s Christmas a little brighter! 

Tech Transport employees raised $1000.00 and Tech Transport employers matched those funds.  We were able to purchase new bedding and pajamas for four children along with some “wants” the children asked for.   We also bought a  $500.00 gift card for the family to Market Basket.   Our plan was to give the family a night out with bowling and pizza.  As we all know for a family of 6 that can get quite expensive.  Well Lefty Lanes, the bowling alley up the street, donated to us a 100.00 gift certificate for the family!!  Therefore we were able to use that money for a gift card for another local restaurant to treat the family to a meal out.  I am telling everyone this so that we can support our local neighbors!!  That was extremely nice of Lefty Lanes to do!

Due to how much Tech Transport raised we were able to purchase sixteen $25.00 Market Basket gift cards with another 5 Rite Aid gift cards.  This will allow Share to fill in holes for families during the holiday season or use through out the year when needed. 

Again thank you for your generosity!! 



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